Health and Safety

Corporate Safety Policy

It is the policy of our company to perform work in the safest possible manner consistent with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulation for Construction Projects.

This policy is created for all workers including sub-trades, suppliers, and labourers working on Site for Ruiter Construction Ltd.

It is our belief that every employee in the construction industry is entitled to work in a safe and healthy construction environment. Every reasonable precaution shall be taken to provide such an environment.

Our goal is to eliminate or minimize the hazards, which cause accidents and injuries. Any accident in this company will be viewed as a serious matter and will be thoroughly investigated.

Copies of our policy will be posted, distributed and explained to all workers. Compliance with this policy will be regularly reviewed at all employee levels and violations will be recorded. Repeated disregard or willful violations of this policy by any subcontractor or employee at any level may be considered cause for discipline in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and existing laws.


  1. Ruiter Construction Ltd. is proud of our reputation of completing projects in a safe and efficient manner. Our livelihood depends on maintaining this reputation.
  2. Report to the Superintendent immediately of any accident/incident (close call).
  3. We want to know about any safety problems and welcome safety suggestions. You can tell the Superintendent or your Safety Rep.
  4. The right to refuse unsafe work: The Occupational Health and Safety Act gives a worker the right to refuse work which he believes to be a danger to his/her health and safety. The procedures to follow should this occur are prescribed in the Act. All supervisors and workers must be aware of these procedures. If a refusal to work occurs the District Safety Officer must be notified as soon as possible.
  5. The bringing of or the consumption of alcohol or other non-prescription drugs on the job or working while under the influence will not be tolerated. Worker will be sent home without pay until appropriate disciplinary action can be taken.
  6. It is the responsibility of each worker to maintain a safe and clean work area.
  7. Before using new or unfamiliar tools or equipment it is the worker’s and their supervisor’s responsibility to see that the worker is trained in the proper use and maintenance of these tools.
  8. Material Safety Data Sheets for controlled products are available in our Site Office and with each subcontractor.
  9. The dumping of waste oil, gasoline or any hazardous materials on the ground is not permitted. These products must be disposed of in the proper manner.

The following is a guideline of disciplinary action for safety infractions.

a)    On first offence, worker shall be given a written warning.
b)    On second, worker is sent home for three days without pay.
c)    On third, worker will not be permitted back on Site.

If safety violation is of a serious nature, the individual may be removed from Site permanently without prior warning.

  • The worker discovering an unsafe condition should try to correct the situation immediately or if not possible, immediately inform their Supervisor for action.
  • Once the Supervisor has been notified, the Supervisor is to take corrective action. In the event assistance is required the Supervisor must advise the Superintendent.
  • The Ruiter Construction Superintendent will advise the appropriate Subcontractor supervisor who shall immediately respond and take corrective action to the situation.
  • If the Superintendent deems necessary, they will write up necessary reports, copies of which will be forwarded to the Ruiter Construction Head Office.
  • The Ruiter Construction Superintendent shall follow-up to ensure unsafe conditions are corrected.

Violence and Harassment Program

Measurers and procedures to control the risks of workplace violence and harassment include:

  • All workers will be provided with safety equipment.
  • There will always be proper lighting and maps locating the closest hospital and or clinic.
  • If you have a complaint to lodge contact your superintendent immediately and in turn will contact the office and the complaint will be dealt with. If a sub-contract worker has a complaint, he will contact his superintendent and in turn
  • his office. The sub-contractor’s management will contact Ruiter’s management and the complaint will be dealt with.

Measures and procedures for summoning immediate assistance for violence and harassment include:

  • If an emergency occurs on site or in the office – cells phones are provided to most workers and they call dial 911.

The responsibility for all employers, supervisors, workers, Joint Health and Safety Committees, health and safety representatives on site and in the office are to maintain a healthy, safety workplace environment and to deal with any complaint in a fair and timely manner.